About Us

Kind Spice has developed a proprietary method of infusing spices and nut butters that it will be the industry  standard. Our unique process ensures that you get fully infused products and not just CBD added to spices.

The Kind Spices brand have a unique process to infuse the CBD into the spice for true infusion. We lab test all our products for accuracy and potency. So you know what your getting every time.

Kind Spice was created 8 years ago when we started infusing spices and nut butters. We quickly grew into the mecca for spice and infused butters. We can custom create or infuse any spice you need.

We offer CBD infusion on all spices and butters for cooking or consuming. You can get precision dosage per serving or per bag. We sell it in single use or Bulk.

Its so easy to use our infused spices that you will start to create healing dishes in no time.

Be Kind to your food…use Kind Spices on your favorite dish!

A little Pinch will do ya!